Global Theme 2022:
Business Transformation for Post-Pandemic Economies

While the world strives to contain the pandemic, entrepreneurs, startups, and SMEs do whatever they can to maintain continuity and ensure survival. In the long term, however, such responses will not be enough. Companies need to grow and thrive in the post-pandemic world, so we must move swiftly to create pandemic-proof organisational models.

To survive in ‘the new normal’, that is, in the post-pandemic business environment, entrepreneurs, startups, SMEs, and governments all need to develop competencies in business transformation. Business transformation requires a completely new approach to harmonising the mindset and skills of founders, entrepreneurs, and policymakers.

With the digitization that ushered in Industry 4.0, and with disruptions caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, new ventures and enterprises are obliged to rethink their business models and strategies. Developments in technology, the current deglobalization trend, and the world’s ever-changing demographics create challenges and disruptions in many areas of life. It is only by embracing creativity, innovation and an entrepreneurial mindset that companies can transform their business models and reshape their strategies in a way that allows them to identify new opportunities in the post-pandemic era we are about to enter.

With this in mind, the stakeholders of the World Business Angel Investors Week have agreed on the theme for this year’s Week, which will take place 20–26 June 2022: Business Transformation for Post-Pandemic Economies.

During this special week, all stakeholders and participants in the Week’s events will pause to reflect on their fast-paced journey, to analyse why business transformation is needed and how transformation will support entrepreneurship and innovation that will boost economies, and to reiterate how entrepreneurial ecosystems can create more jobs, more wealth and more social justice in cooperation with key players in early-stage equity markets in the post-pandemic economy.

World Business Angel Investors Week 2022 will feature roundtables that will provide a platform for entrepreneurs and angel investors to explore the processes startups will go through in post-pandemic times. The Week will also include discussions the ongoing challenges entrepreneurial ventures face in integrating the basic knowledge of strategic planning and will consider creative ways to overcome the challenges.

The ultimate goal of all of the Week’s keynotes, discussions, presentations, and workshops is to agree on a common roadmap for entrepreneurs, startups and SMEs that will enable them to emerge from this pandemic period even stronger than they were before.