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Strategic Partners

Comprised of some of the world’s finest companies representing diverse regions and industries, Strategic Partners are committed to the idea that interaction between multiple stakeholders can be a positive force in creating change. They work in close cooperation with the Forum to help shape regional and global agendas in the global and regional investment markets.

Through this cooperation, Strategic Partners contribute to the global knowledge base and benefit from it as they determine the agenda of Forum meetings and develop the focus of Forum initiatives.

By contributing to better policy-making, sharing best practices, and engaging stakeholders beyond commercial objectives, Strategic Partners can and do have a real impact on issues of worldwide concern.


Collaborative Partners

As members of the World Business Angels Investment Forum, Collaborative Partners are active at regional and global levels, working to develop insights which will inform strategic decision-making on issues that are critical to their own industry and to cross-border investments. Interaction with the Forum’s area experts and various networks drives positive change and supports efforts toward corporate global citizenship.


Global Ecosystem Partners

Global Ecosystem Partners, selected from among the members of the World Business Angels Investment Forum, are actively engaged in carrying out the Forum’s mission at the investment level. Their Partner status affords them privileged access to multi-stakeholder networks of the Forum and its experts, providing visibility and strategic insights into the decision-making processes related to some of the most significant cross-border investment issues. This allows Global Ecosystem Partners to contribute to positive change and to engage in initiatives that support corporate global citizenship.

Regional Partners

Like the Global Ecosystem Partners, Regional Partners come from members of the World Business Angels Investment Forum. Regional Partners represent businesses with a strong regional presence or a strategic interest in a particular region, each committed to promoting economic and social development at various levels. As with the Global Ecosystem Partners, access to the Forum’s multi-stakeholder network and experts provides visibility and offers insights into strategic decision-making on important regional issues.

Institutional Members

Institutional Members, at the core of all Forum activities, cooperate to find sustainable solutions to global issues. They are typically top-rated high profile global enterprises that play a leading role in their industry and their particular region.

Forum Members

The Forum Members community comprises well-established influential businesses that contribute to the development of their industry and the growth of their regional economies. Including top global innovators and disruptors and ranging from niche market leaders to regional champions, these companies collaborate to address key issues, identify emerging trends and further the Forum’s mission of easing access to finance globally.

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’Today, stock exchanges throughout the world are more keen to open their doors to SMEs’’

Luca Peyrano, CEO of ELITE - London Stock Exchange Group

London Stock Exchange Group proposes a unique programme, ELITE, an integrated service designed to help SMEs prepare and structure for the next stage of growth through access to long term financing opportunities.It targets SMEs with a sound business model, clear growth strategy and a desire to obtain funding in the near future. It now accounts for more than 200 companies of different sizes and sectors, more than 150 partners and more than 70 long term. Enjoy the exclusive interview with Luca Peyrano, Head of Primary Markets Continental Europe, London Stock Exchange Group


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