For Startups, Entrepreneurs and SME Executives

Investment Readiness for Entrepreneurs, Start-ups and SME Executives

Course overview

In the past, inventions were important for the economic development of societies. In the 21st century, however, it is not invention but innovation that counts. In those earlier times, entrepreneurial skills were not needed to get an invention to the market because it was a seller’s economy, where customers were ready to buy anything new.

Times have changed, and the rules of the game have changed. Today’s inventors need more than just a clever idea. They need a complex set of skills to move their innovative idea into the market and to ensure it succeeds.

The current, highly competitive economic environment means that scaling up businesses demands special skills of entrepreneurs, who are obliged to secure financing as quickly as possible. Yet finance alone is not sufficient to create global success stories. The entrepreneur needs not simply finance, but the best finance.

What is ‘the best finance’?

The best finance is a miracle that happens when one is able to combine money, know-how, mentorship and networking. This is perhaps better termed smart finance.

This course aims to give the world-class principles of fund raising and getting smart finance to startups, entrepreneurs and SME executives. Course participants are expected to fuel their skills with world-class techniques which will enable them to reach smart finance easily.

Why attend?

For anyone who wants to raise fund from angel investors, VCs, family offices, banks, accelerators, co-investment funds this was an invaluable training session covering the most important aspects to raising funds from investors– avoiding many of the pitfalls Entrepreneurs, startups and SME executives often make.

Course content

Day 1: Equity Raising Process

  • Technical terminology every SME Executive / Startup / Entrepreneur should know
  • Equity raising process
  • Top three investor criteria
  • Company executive summary
  • Developing a promising business model

                           Day 2: Company Valuation & Investment Term Sheets

  • Developing a business plan
  • Funding requirements
  • Valuation and terms of investment
  • One page investment summary sample
  • Sample term sheet for SMEs and startups

Round Table with Investors: Investing in the Right Team

Day 3: Pitching Techniques to Investors

  • Principles of elevator pitching
  • Showing demo
  • Preparing power point presentations
  • Body language
  • Pitching team
  • Practices

Round Table with Investors: What do the investors look in the due-diligence process

Sample Investment Forum: Pitching to a group of real investors

Who should attend?

This is an ideal course for:

  • Entrepreneurs looking for smart finance to startup their businesses
  • Startups looking fors mart finance to scaleup their businesses
  • SME executives looking for investment to scaleup their businesses
  • Professionals of technoparks
  • Inventors who want to turn their inventions to innovation


Participants of the course are going to be awarded with a certificate of attendance.

Time: 3 Days

Registration fee: 900 EUR


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