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A Step-by-Step Country Master Plan to Create and Drive a Healty Early Stage Investment Market for Your Country / Region

96% of the world economy is driven by entrepreneurs, start-ups and SMEs. These small- and medium-sized enterprises are the main drivers of economic stability. They recruit more than 60% of the entire working population of the world. In order for them to contribute more to the economies of their countries, they need to meet with new financial instruments quickly. Unfortunately, after the global economic crisis, SMEs, entrepreneurs, and start-ups were unable to access finance as easily as before.


The development of new financial instruments such as crowd-funding, angel investment, acceleration programmes and co-investment funds, and the easing of access to finance for SMEs, entrepreneurs and start-ups therefore play a vital role in economic development.

On the other hand, SMEs, entrepreneurs and start-ups should also be supported by smart public money, so the development of new policies to convert public money to smart money plays an important role in creating an entrepreneur-friendly environment. Developing tax incentives, co-investing with angel investors, regulating crowd-funding, providing incentives for companies based in technoparks, recognising qualified investors, introducing new, innovative financial instruments, providing capacity building programmes, recognising and awarding success, connecting SMEs, entrepreneurs and start-ups with global investment markets and developing new incubation and acceleration programmes are all vitally important factors in the development of an efficient SMEs and early-stage investment market in your countryb/ region.

  • developing tax incentives
  • co-investing with angel investors
  • regulating crowd-funding
  • providing incentives for companies based in technoparks
  • recognising qualified investors
  • introducing new, innovative financial instruments
  • providing capacity building programmes
  • recognising and awarding the success
  • connecting SMEs, entrepreneurs and start-ups with the global investment markets

If your institute is keen to respond to the needs of the country that wants to create a healthy, early-stage investment market and aiming to turn the country into a regional innovation hub, then this highly executive and unique full day programme is for the team members of your institute.

  • create a healthy, SMEs and early-stage investment market
  • turn the country into a regional innovation hub
  • lead the early stage investment market of your country / region

This country plan proposes a step-by-step programme to initiate and implement the objective of responding to the need for a healthy SMEs and early-stage investment ecosystem in your country / region.

At the end of the day, you will have developed your own master plan.

Time: Full Day

Registration fee: 10 000 EUR – closed group for your institution

Dates: To be determined after consultation with your instution

Course Location: To be determined after consultation with your instution

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’Today, stock exchanges throughout the world are more keen to open their doors to SMEs’’

Luca Peyrano, CEO of ELITE - London Stock Exchange Group

London Stock Exchange Group proposes a unique programme, ELITE, an integrated service designed to help SMEs prepare and structure for the next stage of growth through access to long term financing opportunities.It targets SMEs with a sound business model, clear growth strategy and a desire to obtain funding in the near future. It now accounts for more than 200 companies of different sizes and sectors, more than 150 partners and more than 70 long term. Enjoy the exclusive interview with Luca Peyrano, Head of Primary Markets Continental Europe, London Stock Exchange Group


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